Show your client's story!

If a picture really is worth a thousand words, why don't you SHOW your client's story?

Jurors expect more today. Whatever your case - whether it's civil, regulatory, or criminal - our forensics team will design a high-end presentation for your next trial or hearing. Our easy-to-use, interactive presentations start with you and how you want to build your case. We'll use our skill and experience to customize the most effective way of showing them your evidence. The result is a professional visual presentation, one that enhances the credibility of your case, of your client, and of you.

At MWV Multi-Media Forensic Investigative Services, Inc., we specialize in:

  • Courtroom-ready, interactive audio and visual presentations. So easy to run, even you can do it!
  • Audio restoration and clarification.
  • Video forensics (including frame-by-frame surveillance video analysis).
  • Digital forensic examination of electronic devices and their contents, such as:
    • Computers and portable storage devices.
    • Cellular telephones.
    • GPS devices.
    • Data recovery for hard drives and other electronic storage devices.
  • Professional, expert testimony in all our areas of specialization.

We know that it's all about protecting the integrity of evidence. That's why we conduct all our forensic examinations in a secure, state-of-the-art environment. So you can rest easy when you entrust your evidence to our care.

Seeing really is believing!


Let our professional-looking visual presentations aid you in winning your case.
Contact us today to dramatically demonstrate your client's side of the story to a judge or jury.

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