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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Show Your Client's Story!

In todays day and age, judges and jurors expect more when it comes to the presentation of evidence in court. No matter what type of case you are invovled with, our expert forensics team will develop and present a high-end, multi-media production for your next trial or hearing. Our interactive presentations will focus on how you want to present your case and marshall your evidence. Our skilled team of professionals will work with you to determine the most effective way of presenting your case and will design a custom solution to meet your needs. The result will enhance the credibility of your case, of your client, and of you!

At MWVMulti-Media Forensic Investigative Services, Inc. we conduct our forensic examinations in a safe, forensically sound, secure laboratory environment to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the evidence. Our team will utilize specialized forensic software and techniques that go above and beyond industry standards.  We provide expert testimony for all of the services listed below. Contact us today to show your client’s story!

At MWV Multi-Media Forensic Investigative Services, Inc., we specialize in:


  • Digital Forensic Examinations of Electronic Devices including:
      • Laptops, Desktops, Servers, etc.
      • Cellular Devices including Smart Phones & Tablets
      • External Hard Drives and Storage Systems
      • Solid State Storage (SSD) & Flash Memory
      • iPods, iPads & other Apple/Mac Devices
      • GPS Devices
      • Xbox, PlayStation & other Gaming Systems/Devices

  • Certified Data Wiping & destruction for Devices including:
      • Hard Drives, Solid State Storage (SSD), and Flash Memory
      • Cellular Devices & Tablets

  • E-Discovery
  • Professional Hard Drive Data Recovery & Platter Repair
  • Audio Restoration & Clarification
  • Network Forensic Services and eDiscovery Services
  • Internet and Social Media Investigations for Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Photogrammetry
  • Cellular Site/Cell Tower Examination and Expert Testimony
  • Transcript Text for Video Recorded Interviews, 911 Calls & Other Source
  • Video Forensic Services including Deplexing for Surveillance Video
  • Frame-by-Frame Video Analysis featuring HQ Stills
  • Courtroom-Ready, Interactive Multi-Media Visual Presentations
  • Facility Security Management


I have only recently gotten to know Michael W. Verronneau and Multi-Media Forensic Investigative Services, Inc. At the outset of our relationship, Mike and his crew demonstrated a professional demeanor second to none. He was spot on in his evaluation of my important Federal Court Intellectual P...

George Paul van Duinwyk, Esquire, MFA
Dec 17, 2012