Interactive Multi-Media Presentations

Our company can craft a powerful visual interactive presentation for civil and criminal trials. With easy-to-use presentations, we can depict your client's side of the story. Jurors expect more these days due to television shows such as CSI. Our company can offer your case the impressive technology looked for in today's courtroom.

Take a look at some of our powerful and easy-to-use courtroom visuals.


Audio Restoration

Most audio recordings are distorted and unclear, with problematic volume levels. In most cases, we can extract, restore, and clarify audio on:

  • 911 turret tapes.
  • Audio and video recorded statements and interviews in any medium.
  • Recorded telephone voice mail messages.

Video Forensics

We can examine video evidence, both analog (VHS) and digital (DVR).

We can "grab" high quality still photographs from original surveillance video recordings and present them, side by side, with known items for comparison. We use Video Focus forensic software program, a premier product of Salient Stills, in all our forensic examination.

Electronic and Computer Forensics

We can do a bit-by-bit analysis of your client's computer hard drive or portable storage device. We use EnCase, ProDiscover, and Paraben's P2 Commander computer forensic software programs, premier products in forensic examinations.

Michael W. Verronneau is a Certified ProDiscover Examiner, CPE.

Cellular and Portable Storage Devices

We can also conduct a bit-by-bit analysis of your client's cell phone, iPhone, Blackberry, and most Global Position Systems (GPS). We use Paraben's Device Seizure, Cellebrite UFED System, and BitPim, cellular telephone forensic software programs, premier products in forensic examinations.

Data Recovery

We can recover data from your computer's hard drive, SD memory card, USB thumb drive and most other storage devices. We'll copy your recovered data and import it to your new computer.

The devices we can recover from include:

  • Computer Hard Drives
  • SD Memory Cards
  • Media Cards
  • USB Thumb Drives
  • and more...
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