Client Testimonials

Paul F. Walsh, Jr. - District Attorney of Bristol County, MA from 1992 to 2007:

"Mike Verronneau is a triple threat. Whether it is audio, computer forensics or video and whether the case is civil, criminal or personal injury; Mike will add value and luster to your case. MWV Multitech doesn't just make your case look slicker and better presented, though it certainly does that; they help you prove and convince. After almost two decades in a DA's office Mike Verronneau can handle just about anything; he's got good technical skills and great insights into what can be done to make a case better."

Joseph F. Krowski Jr. - Massachusetts Trial Attorney

"Michael Verroneau has become an invaluable part of my defense team. Today's lawyer must rely on technology during both the pretrial preparation and trial presentation phase of his or her case. Michael is simply the best at using technology to the lawyer's advantage."

Douglas J. Darnbrough, Esq. - Fall River, MA Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Trial Attorney:

"I was thoroughly impressed with the effort Michael put into a video presentation for use in a recent Superior Court civil trial. He spent a considerable amount of time going to the scene and improving the video presentation. The final product was very easy to use and was extremely helpful in Court. The impact of the real time video, pictures, and selected medical records made the case clear and understandable. The result was a $750,000.00 verdict. Thank you Mike!"

Attorney Gerald T. FitzGerald - Massachusetts Trial Attorney:

"Mike Verronneau uses high-tech like a magic wand to make the difficult crystal clear. He maximizes the impact of key evidence upon juries. I've worked with Mike for years. He used to be my secret weapon. Now everybody wants him!"

Attorney Jeffrey Weisser - Springfield, MA:

"Immediately obtaining my client's cell phone and sending it to Michael has become instinctive in all cases involving contact between my client and the complaining witness; it is more valuable than a polygraph! Most appreciated is Michael's accessibility and quick return of phone calls. I attribute a recent rape acquittal to Michael's ability to conversationally rivet jurors with his testimony and have recently reviewed his data in another rape case in which I can reasonably anticipate a similar verdict."

"In another case involving cell phones, a Hampden County Jury found the defendant not guilty of aggravated rape. Mr. Verronneau riveted (my comment) the jury in testimony of his cell phone evaluation that the alleged victim had "selectively" deleted from his address book potential witnesses, had repeated phone contact with the defendant both prior to and after the alleged incident (contrary to the alleged victim's testimony), and had selectively deleted text messages to the defendant. The 120+ page forensic cell phone evaluation far exceeded the 3 page state police forensic evaluation!"

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